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Protect your children against the rays of the sun.

Every parent knows how difficult it can be sometimes to go travelling with small children. Especially when the sun is high in the sky. Sometimes you can see makeshift solutions with towels hanging on the windows, or sun protection panels with suction cups that come loose and fall down.

The sun is annoying and and it's one long journey of crying children. Even a short trip can cause trouble.

When going on a long trip and parking the car in the sun, the temperature inside becomes sky-high in just a short time. With Solarplexius' unique solution for sun protection for cars, the sun is no longer a problem. Our solution lets you quickly install the sun protection on the car's rear windows. Our unique system makes it very easy to install sun protection in your car. In less than a couple of minutes, you'll have reduced sunlight by 90%. The temperature in the car drops and the journey becomes much cooler in more sense than one.

When ordering sun protection from us you'll get panels which are cut out for precisely your model of car, as opposed to normal sun control film. The panels are cut from polycarbonate and fit perfectly. They are easy to remove if you so wish. There is no damage to the car, no gaps, bubbles or scratches.

We currently have 20,000 satisfied customers and sell our products all over Europe.

Order your sun protection today.

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